Suyeon Sanbang

8 Seongbukro 26-gil, Seonbuk-gu, Seoul

4 Hansung University


11:30-22:00 (Mon-Sun)


Suyeon Sanbang means 'gathering house of writers in the mountains'. Novelist Taejun Lee, highly appreciated for his acheivement in levelling up the artistry in Korean shorts, lived and created his writings here from 1933 to 1946 which is one of Seoul's folk cultural assets. The name 'Suyeon Sanbang' was Lee's idea. In his essay <MuSeoRok>, he described the process in building the house along with ground history of the site. The house is T-shaped with the main hall in the center, the secondary room to the left and the main room to the right. It is small, detailed and quite exuberant. In 1999, the novelist's grand daughter took over the antique house, made some reformations and opened it as a traditional tea house. Having a warm cup of tea at a seat where you can gaze down at the small garden and feel the four seasons will give a splendid experience.