Taein Yang


Atelier Taein, Wedding & Lifestyle Director

Cheongun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Taein Yang is the director of a wedding & lifestyle consulting studio 'Atelier Taein'. How she works is by styling brides with their very own charms, avoiding too much accessories and mainly focusing on the classical elegance and intelligent side of Korean women. She discovers the authentic Korean beauty in the heterogeneous figures of slim-shouldered oriental brides dressed up in foreign silk gowns with their black hair tied back gracefully, as if one were to look at a white porcelain. The main idea of her styling is to mix and match and discard unnecessary decorations. In a neighborhood where the sentiment of the old days of Seoul remains, the space 'Atelier Taein' is full of unique combinations of things quite identical to her distinctive styling. Cheongun-dong, a town with a great open view of the sky, a rare spot amidst the metropolitan forest of modern buildings in Seoul. Located near the Blue House, it is also the home and studio 'Atelier Taein' of Taein Yang, a wedding & lifestyle stylist.

Yoonhee Kim

For a long time you were located in Cheongdam-dong, the most glamorous place in Seoul, and then you moved to the city's most slow-changing town, Cheongun-dong. Was there a specific reason to it?

There's a great number of wedding consulting agencies in Seoul, but I needed a place that could define the originality of my styling concept, the difference from the mainstream. Some worried about me moving out of Cheongdam-dong because that's the most condensed place when it comes to wedding consultants and that I'd be running out of clients, but I was sure brides who would want to discover and release their veiled sophistication rather than to create a fancy look will happily come to Cheongun-dong. I believe to style something, it has to go well with the surronding atmosphere, all very naturally. Otherwise it becomes a contrived decor that just please the eyes. And thus at some point Cheongdam-dong felt unsuitable to visualize my styling ideas into a space. After many years of trial an error, I became certain of my way of styling and that was when I found the streets of Cheongun-dong.

Which part about Cheongun-dong were you attracted to?

I cannot forget my first impression. I'd never come this close to the Blue House before eventhough I often came to Gwanghwamoon, which is where I love.  As soon as I reached Cheongun-dong, the warm air brushed the tip of my nose, the blue sky was wide open and the foot of Mt.Inwang was drawn in front of me like an ink painting and I immediately felt this was the place. And I was lucky to find a house with a small garden. Flowers and gardening are also a crucial part of my styling and I could do that altogether here, while sharing tastes with my clients, creating a certain salon culture in wedding.


Did life in Cheongun-dong bring you changes?

Time flows very slowly here. I love the confident feel of the surrounding warmth of the generous, elderly neighbors, which is sort of like living with my parents. Another big change is that I began to think about studying more deeply on Korean history as I often take walks to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. I used to travel a lot and because of the nature of my job, I work closely with foreign products and am sensitive with the trend, but after locating myself here, I stopped thinking that Paris is more beautiful than Seoul. Just outside the door there's the palace and the mountain and it gets more pleasant day by day.

I'm curious why 'Atelier Taein' sets lifestyle as its moto along with wedding.

Usually wedding planners take care of the wedding day solely but to my opinion, a wedding planner faces a more important task-- it's someone that helps one to make a new start in life, to start a family. To women, marriage is a new chapter in life and when you're starting one, it's obvious you become curious in many things. I start with consulting wedding styles and it naturally leads to advising household goods for the newly weds and eventually this led to my discovery that wedding is lifestyle itself.

So does 'Atelier Taein' aim to show style in living?

The selected items that I chose to recommend my clients were owned by the wedding shops I worked for in the past and as soon as I opened my own studio here in Cheongun-dong, I decided to buckle down and display every peronsal things that I own. As a matter of fact, I could say 'Atelier Taein' works best as my portfolio because every vintage stuff, collections and objects that I use for myself are exposed in ways I'd like to show at a place I use as an office and home. It's better than to see for yourself than to hear about it ten times.

Every item here at 'Atelier Taein' has its own unique style but makes an exquisite combination as they're put altogther in one space. What are your rules in selecting products?

The first rule is to choose a product of well-made matertial and modest colors. I've been using my bed since I was little and it's made of high quality wood which creates a stately ambience as it ages. And even if a design is extraordinary but the color isn't too vivid, you won't easily get bored of it and last long enough. If you choose furniture made with good material and gentle colors, you can always style your space with decorative items. Another rule is to avoid trend-sensitive products.

Finding each and every bride's own charm and presenting it in their original style, while mix-matching the west and Korea, director Taein Yang is currently working on a new space for 'Atelier Taein'.



185 Changgyeonggungno, Jongno-gu, Seoul
3 Anguk
09:00-18:00 (Feb-May, Sep-Oct), 09:00-18:30 (Jun-Aug), 09:00-17:30 (Nov-Jan) | Tickets close one hour prior to closing

"I head to Changgyeonggung for walks whenever I feel like I need to calm my mind or need a quiet moment."

Along with Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung and Gyeonghuigung, Changgyeonggung is one of the five major palaces of Josun Dynasty, built in 1483 to accommodate the three queens(Saejo, Deokjong and Yaejong).  Flowers and trees of diverse kinds follow down the peaceful path and it's also a place where Korea's first western styled greenhouse lies, structured in steel frame, glass and wood. Whenever Yang has a lot going on her mind she finds herself here and it only takes a slow walk down the path to feel healed. Also, a small tip from her; unlike Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung, it is open for hanbok wedding shoots as long as you apply for it three days prior(5 days if including weekends) to your desired date.